How to increase the potency in New York?

Among the residents of New York, it became fashionable to raise the potency with the help of mummified caterpillars affected by the parasite fungus. They are credited with medicinal properties much more powerful than that of Viagra. We will tell more in detail. A folk remedy for enhancing potency, known as “Yarsagumba” and “Himalayan Viagra”, comes from the mountainous regions of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Northern India. It is a caterpillar of a small-scale, affected by the parasitic fungus Cordyceps Chinese. The fungus, penetrating into the body of the larva, gradually kills and mummifies it, using it as a nutrient medium. In traditional Asian medicine, such caterpillars are considered to be a cure for many diseases and an unsurpassed aphrodisiac.

The owner of one of the New York stores of Chinese traditional medicine, Thomas Lune, said that the price of «Himalayan Viagra» is constantly growing. For a couple of decades, the cost of 30 g of this tool increased from $ 6.5 to $ 800. Thus, for one portion of it, American impotent people pay about $ 200. Interestingly, this situation leads to fierce competition between collectors of a rare aphrodisiac. So, for example, in 2009, seven Nepalese, who went in search of expensive caterpillars, were killed by competitors from a neighboring clan.

But there is probably the best way out — indian cialis, better, safer and cheaper than caterpillars

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